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Fleet Management

Hardware-agnostics suite of products to manage a connected fleet.

Driver Behavior

Offer solutions to improve driving performance based on driver behavior insights.

Vehicle Usage Analytics

Understand vehicle performance at different weather conditions, elevation levels, warning codes, etc., and proactively address any quality issues.

Fuel Accuracy Model

Understand vehicle fuel consumption and provide recommendations to improve fuel performance and identify fuel theft.

Hazard Warning Analytics

Detect and share warnings with dealers and other stakeholders

Crash Notification

Identify crashes due to airbag explosions and share information with roadside recovery and points of contact.

Driving Pattern Visualization

Analyze vehicle driving parameters to troubleshoot vehicle issues.

Connected Vehicle Sales Analytics

Analyze sales data across models, locations, and dealers for informed promotional activities.

Social Watch

Monitor your connected products with public and organizational data.


Enable organizations to operate within geofences and send alerts if these boundaries are breached.

Vehicle Tow Analytics

Know when a vehicle gets towed without permission.

Vehicle Quality Insights

Detect and manage vehicle issues with proactive analysis and predictive monitoring.

Anonymization & Pseudonymization

Privacy compliant data for exploration, innovation, and building connected products.

Odometer Fraud

Detect when vehicle odometer readings are changed to increase residual values.

Driver Behavior – EV & Hybrid

Analyze driving behavior for hybrid vehicles, and recommend solutions to improve performance and decrease carbon footprint.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Deliver business-focused actionable insights from connected vehicle data.

Carbon Emission

Know your vehicle’s carbon footprint for asset management and resource allocation.

Oil Change Prediction

Know when to change your vehicle’s engine oil to reduce wear, and improve fuel efficiency and engine life.

EV Range Prediction

Understand EV range based on driving style, weather, HVAC usage, and age of the vehicle.

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